Yousef Khanfar

Photographer. Writer. Humanitarian

Yousef Khanfar is an award-winning international author and listed as one of world’s top photographers, who shares images and messages that transcend the dark corridors of our world and transport us to places of splendor where we can find peace and humanity.

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“I must admit, with all my fidelity to photography, I am still madly in love with these musical words that dance with no shoes, half dressed and half nudes, and caress the voluptuous curves of my heart.”
Yousef Khanfar

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“To live in hearts we touch with our arts, is to never die” - In Search of Peace, Yousef Khanfar

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“I have chosen to carry my camera and pen instead of guns, and promote peace around the world; I believe peace is a finer horse to ride than violence.” - Yousef Khanfar